When you ask someone what their least favorite interview question is, one of the top answers will always be “Tell me a little about yourself.” It should be easy to explain who you are – after all, who knows you better? Similarly, it is difficult to face a blank screen that says “About”. There are a lot of words to describe me: Hoosier, biologist, hiker, graduate student, artist, wife, sister, daughter. I am all of those things, more or less. I grew up in Indiana corn country. I have a passion for the outdoors that has caused me to move away from my home and family to pursue a graduate degree studying birds. I take photographs, I paint and draw and occasionally attempt other crafts (with varying degrees of success). I am grateful to have the greatest husband a woman could ask for. I’m just a young person trying to do my part to make this world a little better. If that doesn’t sum me up, I don’t know what does.